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What people are saying about Ely Products and Natural Sins in Canada!

Posted by admin on December 29, 2013. 0 Comments

It is a good time to thanks those who have said something about Ely Products and Natural Sins baked-dried fruits.

2013 is the year when Ely Products introduced Natural Sins in Ontario and many people have had the opportunity to try these amazing and delicious fruit thins that magically keep the rich and fresh flavour of the fruit.

We have been lucky to present this product to many people that have expressed their likes for this product in different ways. Here are some of the link to their notes:

- Abbey's Kitchen:[ABBEY LOVES] Natural Sins Baked Dried Fruit!

- Abbey's Kitchen: [EVENT] The Delicious Food Show 2013 Was All Kinds of Deliciousness!

- Abbey's Kitchen: Which pack to eat first?#naturalsins #apple #coconut #beets #orange #mango#pineapple #fruit #healthy #lowfat

- Mike Chalut and Proud FM 103.9: Ely Products at #Loveyuorguts with Mike Chalut

- Melisa Salas Blog: Shoot and Eat

- In Search of Yumminess: Delicious Food Show Wrap Up – Part 2

- In Search of Yumminess: Greek yogurt with granola and Natural Sins Crispy Coconut Thins. Yum! @elyproducts

- The Neon LeopardOn The Prowl – Delicious Food Show 2013

- The Neon Leopard: The Neon Leopard and Natural Sins Products

- Traveliciousdee:Beautiful oranges to savoir all year round!

- Kitchenfrolic: What to eat 1st? Orange, pineapple, coconut, beet, apple or mango? @elyproducts Natural Sins are SO GOOD!

- Popcornpricess3: Super yummy treats I discovered this weekend! Beet chips = yummy!!!

- Delicious Food Show 2013:Visit @elyproducts for a fruity snack break! #DFS13 #healthy

- Frankie Fettuccine Food Truck: Frankie Fettuccine and Natural Sins

- Ely Products and Natural Sins at The Delicious Food Show 2013

HMSHost YYZ : We love 'em! RT @elyproducts: What a great snack the fruit chips from @NaturalSins at Pearson @HMShostYYZ -

- Brass Angels: Brass Angels and Natural Sins


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